cPCI power backplane 3U/6U P47 Connector


Hartmann Electronic GmbH


Scott Puderbaugh

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cPCI power backplane 3U/6U P47 Connector




(cPCI) Backplanes

General Information:
Variant L1 Professional (max. 600 W)
– This backplane has been designed for all CompactPCI power supply units that conform to the PICMG 2.11 Power Interface Specification and are equipped with the P47 power connector
– Backplanes are intended for mounting in a 19″ card rack with 3 U or 6 U
– They can be installed directly on the card rack mounting channel
– Installation width is 8 HP
– Contiguous backplane placement in the 8 HP slot spacing is possible
– Features necessary for cascading and HOT-SWAP operation have been implemented
– Hartmann backplanes are completely operable as delivered
– No changes need to be made or settings to be changed by the user in the majority of cases
– Standard slot spacing is 8 HP
– Other slot spacings are available upon request
– Cascaded backplanes are preassembled and completely pre-wired for operation

Variant L1 Standard (max. 300 W)
– The “L1 Standard” variant is a lowcost alternative to the professional version described above
– Comes with the P47 connector X1, the power supply connector X0 (only on 3 U), the ATX connector X12, the utility connector X13 and the resistors and capacitors
– It does not support parallel connection of several backplanes, the System Management Bus, geographic addressing, screw-type terminal connections and the X14 power output connector
– This variant is particularly suitable in combination with variant RB of our CPCI backplane line
– All the required wiring between the power backplane and the CPCI bus can be implemented quickly and economically with an ATX and a utility cable, including polarity reversal protection