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(cPCI) Boards - Networking & Communications

CompactPCI® Board with 4 CAN or 4 CAN FD Interfaces

CompactPCI Board with Altera® FPGA for 4x CAN FD or 4x CAN via DSUB25
– 4 CAN FD or optional 4 CAN interfaces according to ISO 11898-2
– Bus mastering and local data management by FPGA
– PCI bus conform to PCI Local Bus Specification 3.0
– Selectable CAN termination on board
– Supports MSI (Message Signaled Interrupts)

Wide Range of Operating System Support and Advanced CAN Diagnostic
– Software drivers for Windows® and Linux® included free of charge
– Optional CAN layer 2 software drivers for real-time operating systems
– CANopen®, J1939 and ARINC 825 protocol libraries are available
– ISO 16845:2004 certified esd Advanced CAN Core (esdACC) technology
– High resolution hardware timestamps

Modern Transceiver Technology
– esd Advanced CAN Core (esdACC) technology offers highest CAN performance and diagnostic