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CP-XL Series




(cPCI) Chassis - Horizontal Mount

1U, 2U, 3U and 4U cPCI racks with H.110 option

The CP-XL series enclosures provide flexible, slimline and cost effective platforms for 6U CompactPCI solutions with backplane options like H.110 on J4.

Designed for Telecom, Telephony, Network Infrastructure, or Military Equipment manufacturers, CP-XL1 (1U), CP-XL2 (2U), CP-XL3 (3U), and CP-XL4 (4U) have already been delivered with Kontron 6U Intel and PowerPC processors, PMC and IO boards.

Ask for your CP-XL based solution ready for field deployment right away out of the Kontron factory.
Our production teams are prepared to take over the CPCI boards integration and your software installation on request.

– For rugged and cost effective solutions
– Efficient side-to-side cooling
– Power Supplies: load sharing and hot swap