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COM Express, Type 6, Basic

The CEQM87 Type 6 Compact COM Express module from Radisys features the quad core performance of the 4th Generation Intel® Core processor (formerly codename Haswell). This 95mm x 95mm module is ideal for compute intensive applications such as medical imaging, communications, military-aerospace and test and measurement applications that require high levels of processing performance in a small space.

The COM Express R2.1 compliant Type 6 pin-out enables customers to take advantage of modern interface technology such as DisplayPort, PCI Express Gen2 & Gen3, USB 3.0, and SATA 6G storage. Rich media content can be delivered via up to 3
independent displays. The Intel CPU, built on 22nm 3D transistor technology, provides breakthrough compute and graphics performance to keep up with the demanding workloads of modern embedded systems.