ATCA — Zone 2 Z-Pack HM-Zd

ATCA  — Zone 2 Z-Pack HM-Zd
Manufacturer: TE Connectivity
Manufacturer's Product Page: ATCA — Zone 2 Z-Pack HM-Zd
Category: AdvancedTCA®

Z-PACK HM-Zd connectors are one of the hottest high-speed, differential, board to backplane electrical connectors to hit the telecommunications and computer industries. It’s an extension of the already established IEC 61076-4-101, Hard Metric connector family, however HM-Zd provides a differential solution for applications up to 12.5 Gb/s.

Tyco Electronics’ XAUI HM-Zd Interoperability Platform is a common platform for interoperability testing supported by members of the 10 GEA XAUI Interoperability Group and the 10 Gigabit Ethernet Consortium. HM-Zd has also been chosen as the backplane interconnect for the PICMG 3.x (ATCA) industry standard, driven toward dramatically improving and simplifying the routing of electronic interconnects.

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