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AMC Tester
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AMC Tester is an automated software tool for testing the hardware management software in Module Management Controllers (MMC) for AMCs.

The AMC Tester is an automated test suite for testing the hardware-management software implementation in Module Management Controllers (MMC) and Carrier Managers essential for MMCs. It is designed for AMC manufacturers and system integrators, who wish to reduce the time and resources spent on AMC testing, during the development and regression-testing of building blocks or during system integration. The tester also helps meet interoperability and certification requirements of their systems for compliance with the AMC certification suite.

More than 100 Test scenarios based on
* AMC Interoperability
* Workshops scenarios
* PICMG3.0 R2.0
* MTCA.0 R1.0
* AMC.0 R2.0
* IPMI 1.5

Test categories
~ Carrier Manager
~ MMC Tests
~ Shelf Tests

Useful for testing Module Management Controller and Carrier Manager.

Interactive GUI based on Windows in which complete decode of packets sent or received can be seen.

Test Scripts are available in source code form and new tests may be developed by user.

Embedded IPMI commands in Send Messages are displayed in the Test Results window.

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