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AdvancedMCTM Analog/Digital I/O Module

Large Variety of High Speed and High Resolution I/Os on a Single Board
– 8 analog inputs ±10 V, 16 bit, 200 kHz
– 2 analog outputs ±10 V, 16 bit, 600 kHz
– 24 digital I/Os, TTL level
– 4 trigger I/Os (RS-485)
– DMA to host CPU’s memory to minimize latency for PCIe® read cycles

Two Different Connector Designs to meet Individual Customer Requirements
– AMC-ADIO24-HD50 with 1x 10-pin harlink and 1x 50-pin har-mik® connectors
– AMC-ADIO24 with 7x 10-pin Harting® har-link® connectors

‘Timing Routing Pool’
– Versatile trigger-conditions
– Prepared for MTCA.4 (MicroTCA® Enhancements for Rear I/O and Precision Timing)