AM C8x/msd – AMC Processor

AM C8x/msd – AMC Processor
Manufacturer's Product Page: AM C8x/msd – AMC Processor
Category: AdvancedMC®

AM C8x/msd is an AdvancedMC® processor board based on the 6-core Intel® Xeon® E-2276ME processor with a 2.8GHz base frequency for high-performance applications.
Compared to previous product generations that had a fixed fabric interface, AM C8x/msd is available with either PCI Express® or RapidIO® fabric interfaces enabling the same processor complex to be used in a variety of user configurations.
By default, AM C8x/msd comes with 16 Gbytes soldered DDR4 Error Correcting Code DRAM with single bit error correction and dual channel architecture. Unique to AM C8x/msd, the standard 1000BASE-BX backplane connections can be used at 10GBASE-KR rates to significantly improve Ethernet throughput.

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