AMC Front Panels and Filler Panels

AMC Front Panels and Filler Panels
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CBT Technology supports the full range of AdvancedMC (AMC) 2.0 Front Panel sizes, including standard accessories such as light pipes. Available in either stainless steel or an aluminum extrusion, CBT Technology front panels are offered standard with Southco handles. Other handle options are available upon request.

CBT offers one of the most comprehensive lines of AMC front panels. Panels are available in:

-Full, Mid, and Compact sizes
-Single or Double width
-Stainless Steel or Aluminum
-as Components, Kits, Assemblies
-Full Range of Customization Options

AMC front panels are comprised of top and bottom blocks, light pipes and ejector handles

CBT Technology also provides a full range of AMC filler panels with FR4 panels, to provide cost effective, lightweight, robust filler panels for AMC carrier slots or MicroTCA chassis. Configured with either stainless steel or extruded aluminum front panels.

Contact: CBT Technology Sales
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 1-888-444-1644

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