717 Series Air-Over Conduction Cooled ATR Exnlosures

Atrenne’s 717 Series Air-Over Conduction Cooled
ATR Enclosures offer a wide range of COTS solutions from a rugged dip
brazed design with external air plenum ports for enhanced cooling. Designed
for strength and maximum cooling in a conduction cooled environment,
the 717 Series incorporates brazed folded fin material thermally bonded
between the conducting wall and the outer panel and a machined finned rear
panel that help increase the thermal planes for maximum heat dissipation. Combined
with an auxiliary external fan the 717 Series can increase thermal dissipation
over 30% compared with conventional conduction cooling.

Features and Benefits
“Dip Brazed Construction
“Rugged Deployment
“Expansive range of ARINC sizes
“Easily configurable for custom sizes
“Modular power supply
“AC or DC filtered inputs
“High Altitude Fan offering
“System Performance Monitoring
“Multiple Bus Architectures
“Cold Start Heaters
“Avionics Isolation Tray
“Configurable I/O Panel

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