714 Series Convection Cooled ATR Enclosures

Atrenne’s 714 Series Convection Cooled ATR Enclsures
offer a wide range of COTS solutions from an innovative, high strength
modular frame. Designed for maximum strength and light weight deployment, the frame and construction of the 714 Series models the fabrication techniques used in manufacturing today’s commercial and military aircraft. Utilizing an aluminum frame that provides flexibility in size, the frame is assembled with solid rivet technology and reinforced with aluminum outer panels to form a rugged ATR that can withstand the most severe shock and vibration environments.

Features and Benefits
“Aircraft Frame Construction
“Lightweight Deployment
“Expansive range of ARINC sizes
“Easily configurable for custom sizes
“Modular power supply
“AC or DC filtered inputs
“High Altitude Fan offering
“System Performance Monitoring
“Multiple Bus Architectures
“Cold Start Heaters
“Avionics Isolation Tray
“Configurable I/O Panel

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