6U CPCI Express Computing Board

6U CPCI Express Computing Board
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CP62201 is a 6U compactPCI Express board based on Intel 4th generation core i7/i5 processors, up to 4 cores/8 threads, with base frequency at 2.4GHz, and turbo frequency up to 3.4GHz. CP62201 supports up to 16GB onboard soldered low voltage DRAM with ECC, dual channel, up to 1600MHz. CP62201 supports up to 6 SATA storage ports, one of which connects up to 128GB onboard Flash storage. The populated memory and SSD enhance the anti-shock and vibration performance.

CP62201 integrates Intel® HD Graphics 4600 controller, supporting a variety of display outputs, such as eDP, DP, HDMI, DVI and VGA. The output resolution of VGA is up to 2048×1536, while it can be up to “4K” with HDMI, DP or eDP outputs. CP62201 supports one VGA and two DVI, up to three independent or cloned displays.

CP62201 uses high speed ZD connectors for transferring PCIe3.0 USB3.0 and SATAIII and other high speed interfaces.

In addition, LinkedHope® provides various software driver (BSP) support for CP62201, including VxWorks, Linux, windows, as reduces the workload of the system integration and system solution development, and greatly shorten the Time-to-Market.

CP62201 is designed with full life cycle management, and can be long-term available or even be supplied after its end of life for the specific vertical market that require long-term availability and long-term maintenance services.

Target applications:
Rail transportation, ship electronics, aerospace & avionics, data processing and embedded computing

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