4U cPCI chassis

– 4U/84HP cPCI chassis with rear I/O, for horizontal installation of 6U cards
– Card rack according to IEE 1101.1, 1101.10/11, IEC 60297-3-101, -102, -103
– cPCI backplane, 8 slot,
– 2x 250W cPCI power supplies
– Cooled by 6 fans (air flow left to right)
– Completely assembled and wired

– cPCI card rack, painted black outside (RAL 9005), with IEEE card guides and ESD clip mounted on the right side
– cPCI backplane, 6 + 3U, 8 slot, 64bit/33Mhz, V(I/O)=5V, 5V, system slot left, with rear I/O, with 4 P47 connectors
– 2x 250W cPCI power supplies, wide range input 90-264VAC, 3.3V/33A, 5V/33A, 12V/5.5A, -12V/1A, with PFC, with P47 connectors, includes 3U/8HP front panel
– Power supply connector with switch, fuse, and filter
– Partial front panel 32HP/3U with cut-out for power supply connector, EMC spring
– 6x DC fans, 80 x 80 x 25mm, 36.3 CFM/fan, 29db(A)
– 2x Blanking panel 8HP/3U with EMC spring

W: 482.6 mm
H: 175.9 mm
D: 280.6 mm

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