3U/6U cPCI Test Adapter


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3U/6U cPCI Test Adapter




(cPCI) Test & Diagnostic Tools

– Measurement and testing of CompactPCI assemblies in the 3U or 6U Eurocard format is greatly facilitated by the use of these test adapters
– Optimal access to the test boards is guaranteed because the adapter has plug-in connection on 3 sides
– Test boards are securely held by the front and lateral guides
– The modern BRIDGE design permits up to 3 CompactPCI cards and one standard PCI card to be inserted in one CompactPCI slot
– This allows system developers to implement a large number of tests with little effort while having access to the large number of PCI boards available worldwide
– Test adapter can be easily used even in systems with longer CPCI cards (up to 220 mm)
– Complete Windows support provided by this product facilitates fast system integration
– Additional drivers are not needed
– PCI devices are detected by a standard PCI BIOS with BIOS extension
– Controlled impedance layout design guarantees optimal reliability

– Further advantages of the adapters are:
– 32-bit bridge with INTEL 21152 (33 MHz), 3U
– 64-bit bridge with INTEL 21154AC (33MHz), 6U
– 4HP (.8″) installation width, 3U/6U
– Full plug-and-play support
– Automatic voltage adaptation to 3.3V/5V backplane V(I/O)
– Secondary V(I/O) adjustable by means of jumper
– Supply voltage for bridge operation of 5V (single) from backplane
– LED indicators for all secondary voltages
– All operating voltages can be separated for current consumption measurement
– Simple adaptation to different interrupt tables by means of jumpers
– JTAG support
– Geographic addresses can be individually set for each slot, 6U
– All 315 I/O signals can be individually seperated with jumpers, 6U
– High-resistance switching of PCI bus signals via the bridge
– EMC-compliant design
– 8 GND test points facilitate measurement on the test bards
– Guided insertion of test boards from 3 sides
– Specifications, PCI V2.1, PICMG 2.0 R2.1 and R3.0

Order numbers:
3610000600, 3U
3660000100, 6U