3U cPCI Load Board


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3U cPCI Load Board


(cPCI) Test & Diagnostic Tools

– The cPCI load board serves to simulate loads on cPCI back wall wiring systems or racks
– Both electrical and thermal conditions can be simulated
– The following load streams can be switched with the coding and tilt lever switches located on the front plate:

Control Options
5 V in .55A stages
3.3 V in .7A stages
+12 V off/1A
-12 V off/1A

– 5V must always be connected as control voltage
– Voltages are tapped at the cPCI bus via the P1 plug

Excessive temperature protection:
– Load test card switches itself off at a temperature on the top side of the load test card or in the rack of 120 degrees C +-5 K

– Incoming voltage levels for the voltages 5V, +12V, 3.3V, -12V can be measured at measuring points close to the plug P1
– These measuring points are run via the plug X1 (on the front plate)
– 4 PTC resistors (PT100) are attached to the load card: On the front at bottom and top and on the back at the bottom and top
– It is possible to measure the temperature on the load test card or in the rack via these
– The PTC resistor connections are also run via the plug X1

Order number:
LXH0000630 (HE2675 Rev 00)