Embedded Systems & Technologies Conference 2019: Standards Keep IoT In Plug-And-Play Shape

by Mathew Dirjish, Sensors Online |

When you ponder an entity the magnitude of the IoT and Industrial IoT, two things become readily evident. First, all the devices on the network near and far need to play nice with each other, a.k.a., interoperability. And Second, they need to be true plug-and-play ready, i.e., you plug them in and they work properly from the get go.

So what can guarantee that your IoT and/or IoT system meets those two criteria? The answer is a standard or group of standards that each device adheres to. With the plethora of diverse devices online, one would be hard pressed to create a single standard that supports them all, or even the majority.

Is true plug-and-play interoperability for Industrial IoT a reality? According to PICMG, a nonprofit consortium of companies and organizations that collaboratively develop open standards for high performance telecommunications, military, industrial, and general-purpose embedded computing applications, there is a new open specification initiative to achieve just that. And PICMG can and will demonstrate just that.

At the Embedded Systems & Technologies Conference 2019 in San Jose, CA, running June 25 to 27 and co-located with Sensors Expo & Conference 2019, the conference session titled, Moving Toward Industrial IoT Plug & Play: Standards Advancement for IoT Sensors” on Wednesday, June 26, 2019, from 2:30 pm to 3:20 pm PST will provide attendees with the insights and knowledge they need to make their IoT/IIoT systems plug-and-play compatible and, as a result, user friendly.

The session, presented by Vice President of Technology for PICMG Doug Sandy, describes how the effort can be done while also tackling security, open standards interoperability, and leveraging existing interfaces. This effort focusing on the sensor domain will help achieve interoperability to the ends of the network.

Doug Sandy is the Vice President of Technology for PICMG. He has over 24 years of industry experience in the embedded computing, industrial automation, telecommunications, and cloud computing spaces. In the past, Mr. Sandy worked as Technical Fellow, Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Architect for major corporations including Motorola, Emerson, and Artesyn Embedded Technologies.

He has focused on advancing industry standards that provide multi-vendor interoperability and COTS solutions such as DeviceNet, ETSI NFV, and the PICMG families of specifications. He now grooms the next generation of engineers at Arizona State University’s Polytechnic Campus where he is a full-time educator and program coordinator for software engineering capstone projects.

Doug is not a newbie to Sensors Expo, “Yes, I’ve attended in the past.  I was impressed by the size of the conference.  With over three hundred booths, it took days to visit everyone.  We were interested in finding sensor companies to join us in an industry standards effort for Industrial IoT.  This certainly was, and is the place to come.”

Doug says of his educational session, “I will be talking about the ongoing development of two open-specification standards for IoT.  Together, these will allow sensor vendors quickly create new products that will “Plug and Play” with smart IoT deployments.” And he wants his attendees to learn, “Plug-and-play sensors for IoT are coming in 2020.  Please consider joining our effort for access to preliminary information and an ability to shape the future of IoT.”

As an added bonus for expo attendees, Mr. Sandy concludes, “We will be exhibiting a table-based method for converting non-IoT sensors into fully-enabled IoT smart sensors at Booth #2017.  Sensor vendors are invited to bring samples of their sensors to our booth for a free demonstration. Also, I will be looking for other companies and solutions that are applicable to the industrial IoT standardization within PICMG.”

Now that your curiosity has been more than piqued, your thirst for greater knowledge can only be quenched by doing three very simple things:

  1. Register for the Embedded Systems & Technologies Conference 2019
  2. Attend session titled, “Moving Toward Industrial IoT Plug & Play: Standards Advancement for IoT Sensors” Wednesday, June 26, 2019, from 2:30 pm to 3:20 pm PST
  3. Be sure to visit PICMG in Booth #2017

And you should visit all of the fine companies that will be on hand to provide you with a wealth of knowledge beyond compute. So you are waiting for what? I can’t do it for you, go register, attend, learn, ………and succeed. ~MD