PICMG Conducts the 26th MicroTCA Interoperability Workshop

WAKEFIELD, Mass., October 15th, 2014 – PICMG, a leading standards development consortium for embedded computing just completed another interoperability workshop for MicroTCA and MicroTCA.4 products, hosted at VadaTech’s corporate office near Las Vegas, Nevada.

Several key suppliers and companies participated in the event, held between Oct 6-8th, 2014.  As the science and High Energy Physics communities ramp up the usage of MicroTCA.4 systems, verifying the multi-vendor interoperability of Rear Transition Module (RTM)-based systems and modules was a significant focus of the event.  Companies also brought their new MicroTCA.0 products to be tested.  MicroTCA has seen significant growth in recent years as Communications, Physics, Instrumentation, Military/Aerospace, Transportation, Energy, and many other industries utilize the high-performance modular open architecture.

Participants included Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY), N.A.T., Sanritz Automation, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Schroff, Teledyne Lecroy, UBER, and VadaTech.

“VadaTech was honored to host the 26th MicroTCA Interoperability Workshop at our new state-of-the-art facility,” said Justin Moll, Director of Marketing at VadaTech and Chair of the 40GbE over MicroTCA committee.  “These events show the commitment of the MicroTCA community to ensure their products are interoperable and provide confidence and peace-of-mind for its users worldwide”.

“Open standards require a large ecosystem of suppliers if they are to be successful, and multi-vendor interoperability of boards, backplanes, chassis, and software is essential,” said Joe Pavlat, PICMG President. “We conduct these for a variety of PICMG technologies on a regular basis and they have proven to be very valuable.”

The next MicroTCA Interoperability Workshop is planned to be held in Europe in 2015.  For more information on PICMG’s interoperability workshops or to participate in future events, contact PICMG at [email protected]


Founded in 1994 as the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group, PICMG is a consortium of over 250 companies that collaboratively develops open specifications for high performance telecommunications, military and industrial computing applications.

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