PICMG Announces New Vision For 2017 and Beyond

PICMG, a not-for-profit 501(c) consortium of companies and organizations that collaboratively develop open specifications, has announced its vision and goals for the coming year.

The three key areas for PICMG in 2017 are activity, communication, and market expansion.  For activity, the new PICMG leadership intends to work closely with membership and the public on new ideas and technical concepts.  The group will also reach out to other industry standard organizations and technology/thought leaders.   Tied to this effort, PICMG intends to communicate the activity not only on the organization itself, but the successes, trends, and efforts of its member’s technology.   There is a wealth of impressive application stories from the world’s most widely adopted computer-on-module specification COM Express, to the use of MicroTCA in defense and high-energy physics, to CompactPCI Serial’s influence in railway and automation applications, and more.

From the market perspective, PICMG has adopted a new slogan – “Commercial, Industrial, Rugged”.  This underlines the specifications significant adoption in all types of applications, from Industrial, IoT, Military/Aerospace, Test/Measurement, Research/Lab, Transportation, Medical, Communications, and more.

“With the incredible success of PICMG technologies in Telecom in the past decade, it is often forgotten that there are also highly rugged implementations as well”, said Justin Moll, Vice President of Marketing for PICMG.  “CompactPCI is still collecting data on Mars today, MicroTCA is on satellites, and there are MIL-hardened versions of nearly all of the PICMG technologies.”

PICMG continues to advance new technologies and upgrades to existing specifications.  Recent and upcoming efforts include a 10G version of COM Express, 100G AdvancedTCA, 40G MicroTCA, Physics upgrades to AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA, Industrial IoT concepts, and much more.  For those interested in joining PICMG, visit www.picmg.org/membership.  Affiliate memberships start as low as $1000.00