SV2-MOVIE – CompactPCI® Serial • MXM 3.0 Type B Graphics Module Carrier 4 x DisplayPort Front Panel Connectors

The SV2-MOVIE is a peripheral slot board for PICMG® CompactPCI® Serial systems and acts as carrier for an MXM 3.0/3.1 graphics module. The SV2-MOVIE is provided with four DisplayPort front panel connectors and can accommodate either a type A (82x70mm2) or type B MXM graphics module (82x105mm2).

MXM (Mobile PCI Express Module) is an interconnect standard for GPUs created by MXM-SIG. MXM cards are mostly equipped with an AMD or Nvidia GPU core. With respect to a reasonable thermal management, a low power GPU is recommended for industrial applications together with the SV2-MOVIE.

For best performance, the SV2-MOVIE should be operated in a CompactPCI® Serial fat pipe slot, which provides a PCI Express® x8 host interface. The SV2-MOVIE is equipped with a PCIe Gen3 redriver for optimum signal integrity.

For use with suitable MXM graphics modules, low profile passive heat spreaders are available, for either 4HP or 8HP front panel width. In addition, the CompactPCI® Serial rack must provide suitable forced airflow (e.g. by fans).


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