SDC-SATA Eight Drive SATA SSD Plug-In Cassette Mass Storage Solution for CompactPCI® Serial

An ever-expanding data volume requires a reasonable storage solution for industrial systems. With eight SATA ports via the backplane, CompactPCI ® Serial systems are perfectly equipped for this purpose.
EKF introduces the SDC-SATA cart, a plug-in unit for eight 2.5-inch size SATA drives. The cassette requires only 16HP (~80mm width) in a 3U system rack.

Suitable backplanes are readily available. The CompactPCI® Serial system slot is reserved for a SATA RAID controller or CPU card, which provides the SATA channels for distribution across the backplane to the SDC-SATA cartridge.
By means of the SDC-SATA cassette very dense mass storage solutions can be built, suitable for industrial and rugged applications.

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