powerBridge Computer announces: 2U 19” System Allows the Signal Processing of 48 GigE-Vision Cameras

powerBridge Computer Vision systems provide highly scalable machine vision platforms with 2, 4, 6, or 12 slots. They can be equipped with CPU modules with 2-port 10GbE interfaces, as well as 4- or 8-port GigE-Vision interfaces based on FPGAs. The compact design allows a significant increase in performance and cost reduction compared to conventional PC solutions, and provides parallel image and signal processing in a computer system.

The vision systems are specially designed for industrial production monitoring and quality assurance based on the MicroTCA standard. They can be fitted individually and divided into one to six root complexes. Optionally, 1/10 GigE Vision or Cameralink interfaces can be used. A/D signal processing, image acquisition and processing, and sensor data processing can be performed in a system. Images can be pre-processed, synchronised, and then be flexibly distributed. For time synchronisation down to the picosecond range, dedicated trigger signals can be integrated. powerBridge Computer Vision systems are compatible with popular high-level machine vision software solutions.

For example, up to 48 GigE Vision cameras can be connected in a 2U 19” MicroTCA system with six slots. CPU modules with up to 8-core XEON processors and up to 64 GB RAM can be used. The GigE-Vision interfaces, with Kintex or Zynq Ultrascale with integrated 4-core ARM processor and preconfigured IP cores, have been implemented as FMC/AMC board combinations. PoE interfaces reduce the number of cables required. The number of GigE Vision cameras can be extended almost indefinitely by adding more systems.

Depending on the available time and cost frame, the existing know-how, or the complexity of the application, we offer support for three different levels of development:

– Block-level design with visual applets for image processing for those with limited experience,

–  C/C++ Code combined with FPGA high-level language design and ready image and video processing libraries,

–  Linux BSP with an AXI interface and development in VHDL or Verilog for FPGA experts using the FPGA image and video processing libraries, e.g. Xilinx Reinvision.

For applications in harsh environmental conditions, we supply complete image processing systems based on GigE Vision FMCs in conjunction with FPGA-based VPX and Open VPX boards. These are available with air cooling or as closed, conduction-cooled units. Here, too, the image processing software Visual Applets can be used.

About powerBridge Computer

powerBridge computers offers computer boards and – systems for applications in industrial automation, medical, research, telecommunications, transportation and aerospace/defence. powerBridge Computer designs and integrates computer systems based on standard components and manufactures custom designs. powerBridge Computer has distribution contracts with market leading manufactures.

Our product range includes computer systems and boards based on industry standards such as AdvancedTCA, CompactPCI, VMEbus, VPX and MicroTCA. For use in industrial applications and vehicles we deliver embedded and rackmount PCs, especially powerful, fan-less solutions for reliable operation in extended operating temperature range and critical environment conditions. This offering is completed with a wide range of I/O products consisting of AdvancedMC, PCI, PMC/XMC and IndustryPack modules.

powerBridge computer delivers products from leading manufacturers. Highly qualified sales engineers provide technical expertise on site. powerBridge computer is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, and operates as a completely paperless company.

More information about powerBridge Computer on:  http://www.powerbridge.de

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