Pigeon Point Systems Delivers Shelf Manager Support for PICMG HPM.2 and HPM.3

Update Includes ShMM-700R Radial IPMB-0 Support

OCEANSIDE, California, November 11, 2013 – Pigeon Point Systems, LLC, the leading independent supplier of hardware platform management solutions for xTCATM (including AdvancedTCA® or ATCA®) announces the 3.3.0 release of the market-leading Pigeon Point Shelf Manager, which adds support for the PICMG HPM.2 and HPM.3 specifications, complementing corresponding support in the Pigeon Point Board Management Reference (BMR) products, which was delivered in April, 2013. Release 3.3.0 also includes radial IPMB-0 support for the award-winning ShMM-700R, the fourth generation of Pigeon Point’s ShMM (Shelf Management Mezzanine) products that are already installed in tens of thousands of ATCA shelves, worldwide.

HPM.2, the LAN-attached IPM Controller specification, was adopted by PICMG in August, 2012 and standardizes how xTCA management controllers can attach to an in-shelf LAN. HPM.3, the DHCP-assigned Platform Management Parameters specification, was adopted in November, 2012 and covers how the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) can be used, on an implementation-independent basis, to efficiently assign controller parameters such as network addresses. The PICMG subcommittee that developed bothspecifications was originally proposed by and is chaired by Pigeon Point Systems. The new specifications standardize functionality that was already implemented in many xTCA ecosystem products (including those based on Pigeon Point solutions). Now, ecosystem participants and customers can leverage interoperability among independent implementations of these specifications, which also add advanced features that were not previously available for LAN-attached management controllers. Leveraging and strengthening this interoperability, Polaris Networks’ ATCA Tester compliance test product now includes tests for HPM.2 and HPM.3 requirements.

The HPM.2 emphasis in the 3.3.0 Shelf Manager is on enabling HPM.2 usage by boards and modules in a shelf, especially for diagnostic and maintenance purposes. Key examples of such usage include IPMI messaging trace collection, extended serial over LAN access and higher speed firmware upgrades using the PICMG HPM.1 protocol. In these uses, the emphasis is on external entities, such as HPM.1 upgrade agents or serial over LAN clients, establishing HPM.2 LAN sessions with management controllers.

In a second phase of HPM.2 support, scheduled for release in Q1, 2014, the Shelf Manager will gain support for additional optional HPM.2 facilities, especially those where the Shelf Manager itself establishes HPM.2 sessions with management controllers within a shelf, enabling further operational benefits.

With the 3.3.0 release, the Pigeon Point Shelf Manager on the ShMM-700R also supports the option for an FPGA-based radial implementation of the main ATCA management bus, IPMB-0. The flexible ShMM-700R radial IPMB-0 architecture allows a range of price/performance choices, and is capable of supporting up to 32 separate logical IPMB-0 segments. The ShMM-700R module is priced about 30% below the predecessor ShMM-500R, which is the dominant independent shelf management solution in the worldwide ATCA market. Based on the 204-pin DDR3 SODIMM form factor, the ShMM-700R is also about 20% smaller than the ShMM-500R, yielding even more packaging flexibility. The ShMM-700R’s outstanding flexibility and carefully crafted

implementation philosophy were recognized at its introduction with the ATCA Summit Best of Show award for infrastructure products.

For additional information on the Pigeon Point Shelf Manager, ShMM-700R and other Pigeon Point products, visit www.pigeonpoint.com; further queries are welcome via email at [email protected].

About Pigeon Point

Pigeon Point Systems LLC delivers world-class management components for modular platforms based on the AdvancedTCA, AdvancedMC and MicroTCA architectures to leading companies worldwide. Pigeon Point’s focus on providing dependable, proven solutions for the mandatory management controllers in these architectures allows customers to concentrate on the value-added aspects of their products. Deep expertise on these architectures ensures compliance and interoperability in the Pigeon Point components.

Pigeon Point, an executive member of PICMG, is a leader in its AdvancedTCA®, AdvancedMC®, and MicroTCATM subcommittees and is active in many other technical subcommittees. Pigeon Point is also a member of VITA and participates actively in its VITA 46.11 working group, which is defining a management architecture for VPX and OpenVPX. In addition, Pigeon Point is a contributing member of the Service Availability Forum and a leader in its HPI Working Group. For more information on Pigeon Point Systems, visit www.pigeonpoint.com.

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