ONYX SWaP-C Rugged Computer Unit adopts Intel® Core i7 4th Gen

Paris, on September 5 2013

After Sandy Bridge and lvy Bridge versions in 2012, ECRIN Systems is proud to announce ONYX jumps on Intel Core i7 4th Generation (code name Haswell). COM Express Internal architecture allows ONYX excellent support to successive evolutions of multi-Core Intel processors. Without changing anything inside the box, simply substitute the CPU module, and ONYX keeps at the forefront of performance and technology. This flexibility guarantee our customers a perfect management of long life cycle, while offering high scalability to serve more and more complex and intensive computing power applications.
Inherent in Haswell improvements that directly benefits users of ONYX are:
– Graphic performance improvement by 25% for same Power consumption,
– Hardware encoding video accelerator (Intel Quick Sync Video) which acquires new features like image stabilization, while still favoring speed to image quality. AMD E6760 GP-GPU companion with 576GFLOPS remains a key option in SWaP apps that must provide high definition digital and analog Video processing functions on direct image raw.
– New AVX2 floating point instruction set for signal and image processing that will further expand the scope and applications achievable by ONYX to SRI, Radar, Sonar, electronic warfare, situation awareness and detection/tracking…
– Increased parallel processing through an integrated i-GPU better bill than Ivy Bridge which supports Open CL 1.2 to be usable as an entry-level GP-GPU performance.
– Better voltage regulator that allows new sleep modes and energy-saving for UVS mission computers.
Other new features included in ONYX from now are:
– 1 added VGA port directly from CPU: very useful for refurbishing programs where computers are changed without affecting the installed base of legacy monitors.
– New BIOS versions to configure GP-GPU (clock frequencies, memory bandwidth…) in function of application and compromise between performance and consumption with thermal dissipation (Performance/Watt ratio).
Input / Output GPGPU:
 In addition to DVI-D output, Display Port can be factory fitted to another DVI-D port. Booked on MIL-DTL-38999 connector, outputs for STANAG-3350 signals, RS343, RGBHV or other formats upon customer request…
 These pins can be used for video inputs, w/o NRE, if using MXC-E6760-MV GP-GPU mezzanine.
ONYX is fully qualified MIL-STD-810, DO-160, MIL-STD-461, and MIL-STD-1275 filtering ready. We can provide certified sections to compare your environmental constraints and adjust: just give a call to verify !
See you in ExCel London at DSEI 2013, on ECRIN Systems biooth N7-468 from 10th to 13th of September.
For more information download datasheet http://www.ecrin.com/datasheets/ECRIN/ONYX.pdf
Contact: Elie Gasnier V.P. Marketing-Fix: +33 1 69 07 04 44, Mob: +33 6 09 82 43 05 [email protected]
Please visit www.ecrin.com for more details.


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