New Arrival – A CPCI Single Board Computer Based on Phytium FT1500A Processor

CP67001 PRAugust 17th, 2017, as an independent embedded computer manufacturer, LinkedHope® has launched a new-developed CPCI single board, named CP67001, which is based on the Phytium FT1500A Processor.

CP67001 is a CompactPCI® processor board based on China local-manufactured Phytium FT1500A/4 4 cores ARM processor, with more than 10-year lifecycle. Designed with ARM v8 Architecture, 28nm process technology and fine-grained power optimization technologies, its CPU integrates 4 ARM cores with CPU clock speed up to 2.0 GHz. Combined with the maximum power consumption of 15w, CP67001 is highly applicable for making low-power-consumption solutions.

Equipped with Intel82580, CP67001 supports 4x Gigabit Ethernet; 4x SATA 2.0 and 8x USB 2.0; 1×16 PCI Express for XMC and PMC; SM750 graphic controller with resolution up to 1920x1080p. CP67001, as a single board computer has up to 64GB flash memory, provides outputs including HDMI, DP, DVI and VGA, and provides 2 serial ports with one port supports RS232/RS422/ RS485 configurable through software. In addition, CP67001 supports GPIO and can meet customized demands in different situations.

CP67001 is a processor board with high reliability as well as extended working temperature, and without removable components. These characteristics leave no worries for stability of the product under severe vibration environment, making CP67001 highly suitable for critical application fields.

As CP67001 supports various BSP, including VxWorks, NeoKylin Linux, Kylin Linux, and other Linux versions, the time pressure of system integration and the workload of product development are lessened, and the product’s time-to-market can be largely shortened.

Target applications:

Communication, Control, Security, Radar/Sonar

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