New 6-Slot MicroTCA.4 Chassis Features High Performance Density in 2U Height

Henderson, NV – Nov 10, 2014 – VadaTech, a manufacturer of embedded boards and complete application-ready platforms, now offers a 2U chassis platform that complies to the MicroTCA.4 specification for High Energy Physics and other applications requiring rear IO.  The rear IO capability is an attractive option in many Mil/Aero, Physics, Broadcast, Energy, and Network Security designs.

The VT814 is the 2nd in the series of VadaTech’s horizontal-mount MicroTCA.4 chassis.   The 2U chassis has 6 double module AMC slots and corresponding Rear Transition Modules (RTMs), an MCH slot, and redundant power supplies.  The chassis accepts up to two of VadaTech’s 500W AC power supplies (UTC017) or 796W (UTC013).  Other standard PSUs in the double module/full-size can be utilized.

The 40GbE-capable backplane equalizes clock delays across the AMC slots, minimizing the requirement for skew correction in high-energy physics applications.  The VT814 comes with a Telco Alarm and JTAG Switch Module standard.

VadaTech will be releasing a 1U MicroTCA.4 chassis platform in early 2015.  The company offers the full ecosystem of MicroTCA.4 and MicroTCA.0 products, including FPGAs, A/D & D/A converters, power modules, MCHs, processors, RTMs, storage modules, graphics modules, chassis platforms, and application-ready platforms.



About VadaTech

VadaTech provides innovative embedded computing solutions from board-level products, chassis-level platforms, to configurable application-ready systems.  With a focus on MicroTCA and AdvancedTCA solutions, the company offers unmatched product selection and expertise in the full xTCA ecosystem.   With our unique combination of electrical, mechanical, software, and system-level expertise, VadaTech can provide customized commercial or rugged computing solutions to meet the most complex customer requirements.  VadaTech also offers specialized product solutions for VPX/VME, CompactPCI, and other architectures.  A member of PICMG and VITA, VadaTech is headquartered in Henderson, NV with offices in Europe and Asia Pacific.

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