EKF Presents SK4-WALTZ • XMC Module Carrier PCIe® Gen3 x8


EKF presents the SK4-WALTZ, a CompactPCI® Serial carrier card for an XMC-style mezzanine module. While using a similar form factor as PMC cards, XMC modules are provided with a PCI Express® interface. The SK4-WALTZ can be used together with 74x149mm2 full length or 74x139mm2 short length XMC mezzanine cards, up to PCIe® Gen3 x8. The SK4-WALTZ is equipped with 8-lane PCI Express® Gen3 redrivers, for optimum high speed signal integrity. For maximum performance the board should be installed into a fat pipe peripheral slot of the CompactPCI® Serial backplane.


As an option, the SK4-WALTZ can be populated with rear I/O connectors.