EKF presents: Rugged Wall-Mount Box CompactPCI Serial

Hamm, Germany 15 March 2019

EKF presents the SRS-1201-BLUBRICK, a rugged box for up to three CompactPCI Serial CPUand I/O-boards. Due to various cards and functions available, this is a superior flexible
solution compared to most other boxed computer products.
The SRS-1201-BLUBRICK is equipped with a wide range DC power supply, suitable for either
automotive and industrial or railway usage. The box of extruded aluminium is provided with a
mounting plate and available either for conductive cooling or forced airflow.

Home: https://www.ekf.com/s/srs/srs1201/srs1201.html
Photos: https://www.ekf.com/s/srs/srs1201/img/