Comtel Expands AdvancedTCA Chassis Portfolio with leading edge G4 Chassis

Enables ATCA developers to increase blade power dissipation in telecom, Network, and Cloud systems and utilize newest high power blades beyond 40Gbps

San Diego, CA and Munich, Germany. [May  2014] – Comtel Electronics, GmbH, a global leader in embedded computer packaging, announced general availability of its expanded portfolio of AdvancedTCA® (ATCA®) based embedded computing chassis.

The new flagship 14-slot chassis is Comtel’s “4th Generation” and the latest in high performance platforms for ATCA.  Appropriately named, CO14-G4, it will serve high power ATCA systems with up to 450W/slot front and 65W/slot RTM.  An all new cooling system pumps 1250cfm of air through the chassis while still capable of complying to NEBS acoustic requirements.  It has been future proofed with a simple upgrade to fan trays and PEMs to boost the power to 600W/slot Front and 100W RTM and it can be done in the field.  To break through the Cloud, it uses the highest performing ATCA Air-/-Plane backplane available with 100Gbps!

As the ATCA market continues to grow due to the increased popularity of video on demand, IPTV and embedded databases, the Comtel CO14-G4 chassis will lead the way.

“For the first time, the CO14-G4 delivers on ATCA’s goal to combine multiple blades from multiple vendors in a single chassis and have it perform flawlessly.  Comtel’s engineering team has discovered unique technical advances in both cooling and backplane design to make the CO14-G4 the highest performing production ATCA platform available,” said Berthold Michels, President of Comtel Electronics, GmbH.  “We’ve had ground breaking advances in high speed backplane design that will change the industry.  We even use standard ZD connectors and still out perform any ATCA backplane.”  A leading switch silicon manufacturer collaborating with Comtel added, “We’ve never seen any backplane like the Air-/-Plane!  The eye-diagram has twice the amplitude of any backplane we’ve tested.  We’ve run 40Gbps Switches continuously with zero bit errors and no dropped packets.  It performs perfectly!”

New ATCA 14U 14-Slot Shelf

New ATCA 14U 14-Slot Shelf

The CO14N-G4 is an ATCA shelf, 14U high, 14 blade/RTM, with integrated Power Entry Modules (PEM’s) and ATCA compliant Shelf Management modules.  Comtel’s unique Split Backplane technology enables a future proof power P1 section to handle 450W blades today and 600W blades in the future with a simple fan tray and PEM upgrade.  No more forklift upgrades!  The separate high speed ATCA backplane is “100Gbps Ready” using standard ZD connector technology.  Comtel has the first 100Gbps backplane readily available and validated.  The Split Backplane enables easy conversion of different fabrics and is available in Dual Star, Dual-Dual Star, and Full Mesh.  Custom versions are easily supported by contacting Comtel.  The same Air-/-Plane technology is finding favor in the Super Computer community as it extends performance of existing connector technologies.

Shelf management is driven with Pigeon Point’s latest ShMM-700 module and Comtel supports both Radial and Dual-Bus IPMB configurations.  Both options are readily available.

More information on Comtel’s ATCA chassis is available here.

Comtel’s Embedded Packaging Strategy

Comtel’s broad product family strategy scales from low profile ATCA chassis for only 1 blade (appliance applications) to 14-slot and 16-slot central office platforms.  Horizontal platforms are available in 1-slot DC/AC, 2-slot DC, 2-slot AC/DC, 6-slot AC/DC, front to rear cooling solutions.  Vertical platforms are available in 14 and 16-slot solutions for both AC and DC environments.  Comtel has in-house development and support of ATCA shelf management and offers low cost “simple shelf manager” solutions for smaller slot sizes that need to bring shelf management in line with the other system costs.

About Comtel Electronics, GmbH

Comtel Electronics, GmbH, is a global leader in embedded system packaging.  Comtel brings 20 years of design and fabrication experience into their products.  Comtel has operations in Germany, USA, Israel, and China and strategic integration partners with the footprint to support most any application.  For more information on Comtel’s embedded computing products and services including ATCA®, MicroTCA®, CompactPCI®, VMEbus, and VPX for original equipment manufacturers and systems integrators in the telecommunications, industrial, aerospace/defense and medical markets, visit

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