Comtel Electronics releases their new AdvancedTCA Air-/-Plane™ Backplane technology with 100Gbps speed that breaks through the Clouds.

Comtel’s new ATCA Air-/-Plane™ technology enables ATCA developers to increase blade power dissipation in telecom, Network, and Cloud systems and reaches new heights with 100 Gbps!

San Diego, CA and Munich, Germany. [May  2014] – Comtel Electronics, GmbH, a global leader in embedded computer packaging, announced their newest revolutionary Backplane technology. This powerful performance with up to 100 GB per second with new cloud breaking technology is simply called the Air-/-Plane™!

The new Air-/-Planetechnology is Comtel’s exclusive leading edge breakthrough characterized by extremely low Insertion Loss Deviation (ILD).  The Air-/-Planeshows unprecedented matched impedance throughout the entire signal path. Moreover, the Low fitted Attenuation gained due to high speed materials and wide margins on Return loss ensures Comtel’s new Air-/-Planetechnology exceeds every 40GBASE-KR4 specification and is ready for future 100 Gbps applications!

As the ATCA market continues to grow due to the increased popularity of video on demand, IPTV and embedded databases, Comtel’s new Air-/-Planetechnology will lead the way!

.“We’ve had ground breaking advances in high speed backplane design that will change the industry. “ said Berthold Michels, President of Comtel Electronics, GmbH. “We have four unique design advances that combined give us leading edge performance.  We even use standard ZD connectors and still out perform any ATCA backplane.”  Moreover, a leading switch silicon manufacturer collaborating with Comtel shared, “We’ve never seen any backplane like the Air-/-Plane!  The eye-diagram has twice the amplitude of any backplane we’ve tested.  We’ve run 40Gbps Switches continuously with zero bit errors and no dropped packets.  It performs perfectly!”


New 14-slot Dual-Dual Star Air-/-Plane

Comtel has the first 100Gbps backplane readily available and validated.  Comtel’s unique Split Backplane construction enables easy conversion of different fabrics and is available in Dual Star, Dual-Dual Star, and Full Mesh.  Custom versions are easily supported by contacting Comtel.  The same Air-/-Plane technology is finding favor in the Super Computer community as it extends performance of existing connector technologies.

More information on Comtel’s ATCA Air-/-Plane  is available here.

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