CompactPCI ® PlusIO • Small System Racks The Best of Two Worlds Combined – CompactPCI® Classic & CompactPCI® Serial

Rugged, versatile, economic – the SRP-3201-BLUBOXX series of miniature CompactPCI® IPC systems from EKF is suitable for all industrial requirements, even under harsh conditions. The small rack is built of highquality 19-inch components, and provides space for up to five CompactPCI® boards.

The system slot in the middle of the hybrid backplane complies with the CompactPCI® PlusIO specification. A suitable PlusIO CPU Card simultaneously controls CompactPCI® Classic 32-bit cards to the left, and CompactPCI® Serial bords on the right side.

CompactPCI® PlusIO (PICMG® 2.30) is an enhancement over CompactPCI® Classic and provides high speed serial I/O, to be combined with modern CompactPCI® Serial peripheral cards across a hybrid backplane.


CompactPCI® Serial (CPCI-S.0) is a PICMG® open standard for modular industrial computers, which is based on PCI Express®, Gigabit Ethernet, SATA and USB over the backplane.

The BLUBOXX systems include a bottom mount fan unit and an industrial grade removable power supply.