PCI-ISA Card Edge Connector for Single Board Computer Specification


The PCI-ISA system board is designed to interface with both ISA and PCI peripherals boards mounted on passive backplane via ISA-bus connector and PCI-bus connector. The PCI-ISA system board has two forms : The standard 32-bit and the 64-bit extension. The standard 32-bit PCI-ISA connector contains 218 pins. The 64-bit extension extends the total number of pins to 282. The PCI-ISA system board edge connector is defined as a ISAbus connector followed by a PCI-bus connector. Pin 1 of the PCIbus is 0.625 inch (pin center) from the last pin (pin center) of the ISA-bus connector. This layout allows the board to be installed on standard ISA passive backplane when the PCI extension feature is not used. The PCI-ISA passive backplane also supports standard ISA based system board. The dimension of standard and extension boards are based on the ISA adapter physical specification. For detailed information on others aspects of the ISA system and PCI system, see the ISA hardware specification and PCI Local Bus specification.

Ratified: October 10, 1994
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