CompactPCI Serial Specification


CompactPCI® Serial defines the support of PCI Express, SATA/SAS, USB and Ethernet, concurrently. PCI Express, SATA/SAS and USB are arranged as a simple star architecture. Ethernet is a full mesh. Switch boards are not required and therefore not described. To support the high-speed serial interfaces a connector is introduced which is compatible to [IEEE1101]. The mechanical design is fully backward compatible to CompactPCI® and will interoperate with existing systems. This specification allows the implementation of hybrid backplanes: CompactPCI® Serial with CompactPCI® , CompactPCI® PlusIO and/or with CompactPCI® Express. 3U and 6U boards are supported with the main focus being on 3U. For 3U a new conductive cooling mechanical concept is introduced which allows to use all boards in a conductive cooled environment as well.

Ratified: January 27, 2014
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