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BY SUBMITTING THIS application, the applicant acknowledges and agrees that, when accepted by PICMG, this application represents a binding contract between the parties and commits the applicant comply with all the terms and conditions of PICMG’s Certificate of Incorporation and Bylaws, the PICMG Policies and Procedures for Specification Development, the PICMG Intellectual Property Policy, and such rules and policies as the Board of Directors may from time to time adopt; and adhere to trademark guidelines and usage policies, as well as trademark license agreements.

To contact any of the Officers or our administration team, please email [email protected] with your specific question or request.

There are three main governing documents:

  1. The Bylaws. These define how the organization is to be run and the duties of officers and members. Review Bylaws
  2. The Intellectual Property Policy. This Policy defines the responsibilities of anyone from a member company engaged in a standards development committee. It is designed to identify intellectual property early in the development process and procure licensing commitments, should that be appropriate. Members are required to identify IP they are personally aware of during the standard development process. The development committee can choose to incorporate it or not. IP that the owner is unable or unwilling to license under RAND (Reasonable and Non Discriminatory) terms is rejected. All PICMG members are required to offer RAND licensing of their IP to anyone if it is included in a standard. We do not expect any single member individual to know their company’s entire IP portfolio, but should some be discovered at some future date, the RAND licensing requirement ensures that implementers can’t suddenly be left out in the cold. Review IPR Policy

PICMG does not get involved in any actual licensing negotiations, but ensures that it is done. IP declarations are reviewed at several stages of the development process and again when the final ratification vote is taken.

  1. Policies and Procedures. This document defines the PICMG standards development process, which is very structured. It includes such things as technical committee officers and their duties, voting rules, disclosure rules, and the entire standards development process from beginning to end. Review Policies and Procedures

Upon successful completion of your membership application, you will receive an email with a discount code entitling you to the specifications that come along free with your membership.