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Annual Application Guide Cover Photos Available!

Featured Industries: Communications & Networking, Design, IoT, Industrial Automation & Control, Medical & Science, Military & Aerospace, Test & Measurement, Transportation & Energy

Reservation Deadline: September 15th

Download the Reservation Form and Reserve Today!

The Winter issue of PICMG Systems & Technologies is our 21st Annual Application Guide featuring the latest products in the industries that use them. We expect to have more than 100 products included from the hottest industry applications.

Inside: New Products in Featured Industries, Cover Photos (4 available), Application Tab Sponsorships, and More!

Industries: Communications & Networking, Design, Industrial Automation & Control, Medical & Science, Military & Aerospace, Test & Measurement, Transportation & Energy.

Buyer’s Guide Instructions….

Step 1. Email us to Reserve your PICMG Product Step 2. You will be notified by September 15th with submission instructions and link.

Premium Buyer’s Guide Listing – $650 Premium Buyer’s Guide Listings Include your company name, product photo and model number, a 100-word description, and company and product url.

Industry Application Tab Sponsorship – $1,200 Application Tab Sponsorships occupy prime real estate, with a half page vertical listing that introduces each industry category. In addition to being featured as a category sponsor in the main Buyer’s Guide directory and at the top of their respective category index, Application Tabs include your company name and logo, product model and photo, a 250-word description, a product link, and your company website or contact information (Limit 1 per industry).

Cover Sponsorship – $2,400 Want your product and industry on the cover? Brand your solutions with a product photo and corresponding industry application image on the cover, that includes a Premium Application Guide Listing! Only 4 positions available (Limit 1 per industry).

Download the Reservation Form and Reserve Today!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Patrick Hopper President | Publisher OpenSystems Media


Vision Systems Design
Next Generation Vision Systems for Industrial
and Emerging Applications

Dear colleague:

Vision Systems Design needs your help for an upcoming multichannel series: Next Generation Vision Systems for Industrial and Emerging Applications.

The series will serve professionals in the image processing industry who are looking for the latest technology and advancements on the following applications:

  • 3D imaging (Mono, stereo, laser triangulation, pattern projection, structured light, Time of Flight)
  • Non-visible imaging (Infrared, hyperspectral, multispectral)
  • Embedded and mobile vision systems (Embedded computers, compact vision processors, autonomous vehicles, drones, robotics, mobile vision systems)
  • AI, machine learning, image analysis software (Image processing techniques, deep learning, neural networks, computer vision, machine learning).

If you have written or produced content that relates to the applications listed above, this is your opportunity to position yourself as an expert to an audience of image processing professionals.

Examples of content to submit can include:

  • Tutorials
  • Case Studies
  • Video

Note, there is no charge for your content to be included.

Do you have something you think would benefit our readers? If so, please click here for submission guidelines.

James Carroll
Senior Web Editor
Vision Systems Design
(603) 891-9320