Fall 2023 State of PICMG – President’s brief

Jess Isquith

Welcome to the Fall 2023 PICMG Member Newsletter!

2023 has been one of the most prolific years in PICMG history. Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far:

  1. Ratified COM-HPC 1.1
  2. Ratified Revision 3 of the base MicroTCA specification
  3. ModBlox7 (our new industrial box PC Specification) has completed the member review process (ratification expected by the end of the year)
  4. COM-HPC 1.2 (Mini) has completed the member review process (ratification expected by the end of the year)

Thank you to all the working group leaders and participants who contributed to the creation of new open hardware standards. Your work will continue the accelerated adoption of technology across industries. Your efforts have also contributed to the addition of more than twenty new members companies to the PICMG community.

The tremendous efforts of the technical working groups warranted an increase in PICMG’s technical marketing capabilities. We have added a second marketing officer to our ranks, Brandon Lewis, who is working in tandem with the elected marketing officer, Valerie Andrews. We have also established a marketing council comprised of experts from each specification working group who have deep knowledge of the PICMG organization. Council members work with the officers to define strategic promotions for PICMG and its specifications.

PICMG marketing initiatives have thus far included securing a conference track at Embedded World 2024 in Nuremberg (paper submissions due 9/29), the re-launching of this newsletter, unified messaging and branding work, and the creation of a virtual PICMG Implementers’ Forum, and more.

We encourage all members to participate in PICMG technical and marketing activities and engage the officers with questions and new ideas.

With so much going on already in 2023, I can’t wait to see what we accomplish over the rest of the year.

Jess Isquith

President, PICMG