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CompactPCI® & cPCI Plus IO

The XPm2010 is a PICMG 2.11 power supply that takes in a MIL-STD-704 28 VDC input voltage and provides up to 300 W on 3.3 V, 5 V, and ±12 V at up to 90% efficiency. The XPm2010 also provides on card MIL-STD-461E EMI filtering.

The XPm2010 fits in a 3U cPCI slot. Up to 8.3 A on 12 V, 2 A on -12 V, 22 A on 5 V, and 25 A on 3.3 V auxiliary can be supported on each rail, separately. The XPm2010 can provide up to a combined 300 W of total output power at maximum operating temperature. The XPm2010 can also be paired with another XPm2010 for load sharing.

The XPm2010 also features an Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) controller which monitors board voltages and temperatures. In addition, the IPMI controller can turn off output power.