3U CPCI Processor Board based on Intel® 5th i7 (Broadwell) platform,CP32002

CP32002, a high performance PC architecture compatible 3U CPCI boards, is developed and manufactured in China by LinkedHope® supporting the latest Intel®14nm process. CP32002 is based on the Intel® 5th generation Core™ processors. It improves computing performance dramatically, and at the same time, reducing power consumption significantly. CP32002 supports the highest DDR3L 16GB onboard memory, supports up to 128GB/64GB MLC/SLC Flash storage capacity. CP32002 is designed for harsh environment applications, and can be operated stably in extended temperature range, such as -40 to +70 degree Celsius.
By using an extension board, called CP32002-EXT, CP32002 provides additional space for a 2.5” hard disk or other functions and interfaces, including three SATA III interfaces, one channel RS232, two channel configurable RS232 / 422 / 485 interfaces, four 1000BASE-T Ethernet ports and six USB 2.0 / 3.0 interfaces, one DP++ display interface, and one VGA interface.
CP32002 provides a 33/66MHz 32-bit PCI bus through J1, supporting up to 7 peripheral slots. Users can flexibly extend application specific functions based on PCI bus.
In addition, LinkedHope® provides various software driver (BSP) support for CP32002, including VxWorks, Linux, windows, as reduces the workload of the system integration and system solution development, and greatly shorten the Time-to-Market.
For different vertical market applications, CP32002 provides two types of cooling solutions, traditional air-cooling or ruggedized conduction-cooling.
CP32002 is designed with full life cycle management, and can be long-term available or even be supplied after its end of life for the specific vertical market that require long-term availability and long-term maintenance services.
Target Applications:
Industrial control, transportation, aerospace and avionics, security and defense