1000W MTCA.4 Power Supply

1000W MTCA.4 Power Supply
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The WIENER MTCA.4 is a low noise and ripple / high power density power supply in a double height / double width form factor. Designed according to the PICMIC MTCA-4 standard it provides 1000W for 12V payload power as well as 3.3V management power.

The W-IE-NE-R MTCA.4 includes the AC mains filter, the low noise AC-to-DC converter in switching technology as well as the digital power controller for up to 16 slots.

Being designed with applying the classical rules for common mode suppression and ground loop reduction the W-IE-NE-R MTCA.4 power supply is essential for enhanced DAQ performance in noise sensitive applications in science and industry. The integrated MTCA.4 Digital Power Controller together with the Hub protects the whole MTCA.4 crate and its modules. It also monitors the complete chain from mains input, PFC and DC/DC-converter stages to the outputs to prevent the unit from any uncontrolled operation.
Main Features

1000W low noise power supply according to MTCA-4 standard
Wide range AC input 90 – 264 VAC / 50 – 60 Hz
Integrated MTCA.4 Digital Power Controller
16 channels 12V DC, up to 8.4A each (payload power), max 1000W total and 16 channels 3.3V DC, up to 0.2A (management power)
Double height – double width MTCA size

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