Smart Sensor Challenge

Join the Smart Sensor Challenge in booth 641! Bring a live analog sensor to Sensors Expo and take 5 minutes to make your sensor smart.

PICMG is a trade association focused on open specifications for embedded computing and IIoT. The family of IIoT specifications enables a fundamentally different architecture, offering distributed factory automation systems with true Plug and Play network integration and multi-vendor interoperability.

For the duration of the exhibit hours, bring your live analog sensor to PICMG’s Smart Sensor Challenge. At the Integrator Station, plug it into a MicroSAM to transform it into a smart sensor. The MicroSAM and IoT Firmware specifications define a platform for traditional sensor vendors wishing to quickly create smart sensors.

At the Factory Installation Station, it is added to the distributed smart factory network, which will showcase all the integrated smart sensors controlled by the PICMG IIoT software suite.

At the Operations Visualization Station, you can witness the gathering analytics about how the factory is operating and whose sensors have been transformed into Smart Sensors and demonstrating how your sensor plugs and plays with the rest of the infrastructure.

PICMG will reward you with a MicroSAM IIoT Package to take with you, demonstrating the technologies enables by these open specifications.

It’s really easy to create smart sensors with PICMG’s IIoT technology specifications!

Contact us to learn more and sign up for the challenge