New TRENTON PCI Express® Backplanes Expand PCIe 3.0 I/O Card Support

Latest PCI Express 3.0 backplanes maximize standard PCIe plug-in card interface speeds while lowering data latencies in industrial workstations, servers and military computers.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) September 09, 2014

Trenton’s BPG8194, BPG8155, and BPG8150 are our latest PCI Express® 3.0 backplane products designed for industrial workstations, servers, military computers and small form factor enclosures.  These standard PICMG® 1.3 backplanes offer extended PCIe Express x16 plug in card support featuring the latest PCIe 3.0 high-speed, low data latency electrical interfaces.  The backplanes form the backbone of rackmount computer systems that support are large number of high-performance commercially available off-the-shelf option cards commonly utilized in industrial and military computing, GPGPU servers and workstations, and video display wall controllers.  The backplanes support a wide array of standard PICMG® 1.3 or SHB Express™ system host boards including Trenton’s popular dual processor BXT7059 and the upcoming THD8141 single-processor SHB.  A system designed with a one of these backplanes, COTS PCI Express 3.0 option cards and a Trenton system host board brings longevity, speed, flexibility and faster Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) to industrial, medical and military computing applications.

Here is an abbreviated features list for the Trenton BPG8194, BPG8155 and BPG8150 PCI Express backplanes:

BPG8194 – Card Slots: Eight PCIe x16, and five PCIe x4*, Size: 16.4” (41.6cm) x 12.9” (32.8cm), Applications: Large PICMG 1.3 backplane format is ideal for rackmount servers

BPG8155 – Card Slots: Two PCIe x16, three x8, and five x4*, Size: 12.3” (31.2cm) x 12.9” (32.8cm), Applications: Midsize PICMG 1.3 backplane format is ideal for rackmount workstations

BPG8150 – Card Slots: Four PCIe x16, two x8, and one x4*, Size: 7.9” (41.6cm) x 12.9” (20.1cm), Applications: Small Form Factor ideal for shoe-box enclosures and machine mounting

*All backplane I/O card slots feature PCIe x16 mechanical connectors

“All Trenton PICMG 1.3 backplanes feature a five-year factory warranty with over seven years of availability, and are known throughout the embedded computing industry for reliability and interface communication integrity”, said Michael Bowling, President of Trenton Systems.  “These latest PCI Express Gen3 backplanes give our customers a couple of great options for their workstation, server and military computing designs to utilize the latest, off-the-shelf, PCI Express 3.0 option card technology.”

About Trenton Systems  Trenton Systems is a designer and manufacturer of computer workstations, industrial servers, video wall controllers and military computing systems that utilize Trenton’s U.S. made system host boards, single board computers, backplanes and embedded motherboards for critical embedded computing applications.  Trenton is an Affiliate member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance, a global ecosystem of 250+ member companies that provide scalable and interoperable solutions.

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