Artesyn Embedded Technologies Announces the Industry’s Highest Density Media Processing Blade


Artesyn Embedded Technologies today announced the ATCA-8330, which combines a powerful Intel® Xeon® server with a high density DSP media engine on a single AdvancedTCA® (ATCA®) blade. This enables network equipment providers to implement complete solutions such as session border controllers, VoLTE, video optimization or video conferencing with less blades and therefore less cost.

Combining a powerful Intel® Xeon® processor with up to 40 Octasic OCT2224M multi-core DSPs, the Artesyn ATCA-8330 blade, includes a comprehensive media processing software suite to simplify application development. An innovative modular design, using DSPs mounted on DIMM-type modules, allows the blade to scale four DSPs at a time up to 40 DSPs, to meet application requirements. The blade can be configured as either a ‘gateway-on-a-blade’, using the on-board X86 processor for packet processing and management in a smaller system, or as a resource blade in a larger system, where server processing may be implemented on a separate dedicated blade in a chassis and media streams can be routed directly to the DSPs.

“It is critical for carriers to make the management of media streams in their networks more cost-effective, which is exactly what Artesyn is delivering with this new media processing acceleration engine,” said Guenter Graf, product manager, Artesyn Embedded Technologies. “The ATCA-8330 can cost-effectively replace many traditional servers or other media processing blades when adding voice or video functionality to a communications system and the increased density lowers operating expense for network operators. With up to 960 DSP cores, this new blade offers the highest density of any commercially available blade that we know of, taking the crown from our ATCA-8320 blade, which offered up to 576 cores.”

The Artesyn ATCA-8330 includes award-winning software that makes it easier for developers to create and use arrays of media processing resources in highly complex voice- and video-enabled applications.

This new blade will operate in any standard ATCA chassis and is optimized to work with Artesyn’s range of Centellis® ATCA system platforms, including the recently announced Centellis 2100.


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