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Advanced Mezzanine Card based on 3rd Generation Intel® Core Processors with ECC

Main Features

– Supports 3rd or 2nd Generation Intel® Core Processor family
– Intel® QM67 PCH chipset with KVM over LAN
– Up to 8 GB (DDR3 1066/1333/1600 MHz) soldered SDRAM with ECC
– Two Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45), one USB 2.0 (or two for full-size sku), one console (micro-USB), and one HDMI Type D ( or Type A for full-size sku) to front panel
– AMC connector routes Gigabit Ethernet (x2), SATA 3.0 (x2), PCIe x4
– Dual XAUI, SRIO, PCIe or custom fabrics on fat pipes with optional AMC fabric mezzanine
– Boot from network, onboard flash, CFast card or external devices
– Supports IPMI v1.5 and Serial-over-LAN function
– AMC.0, AMC.1, AMC.2, and AMC.3 compliant

The Advantech MIC-5603 is a single-width mid-size or full-size general purpose processor AMC module for ATCA or MicroTCA applications. Its design is based on 3rd generation Intel® Core processors in a BGA package combined with the Intel® QM67 chipset. This AMC module supports processors with integrated memory and graphics controllers, and a maximum L3 cache of 4MB. It can support up to 8 GB, dual-channel, on-board DDR3 memory with ECC at 1600 MHz, making it ideal for mission critical applications requiring low latency and reliable memory access. For graphics or control applications the front panel HDMI port provides support for the processor’s integrated Intel® HD 4000 graphics controller.
As standard feature, external Ethernet connectivity is provided on two dedicated GbE front panel ports, one each from the Intel® QM67 PCH and the onboard Intel® 82580 quad port LAN controller, which also provides two additional GbE ports to the AMC base fabric. The Intel® PCH brings new and enhanced remote management capabilities with KVM over LAN as well as introducing faster I/O than previous generation designs with SATA-III to AMC ports 2..3 and PCIe x4 gen.2 to ports 4..7. This module can also be configured to boot from the network, local CFast compact flash or flash disk, or external storage media such as HDD or USB drives. To enable maximum application flexibility, the MIC-5603 is not only designed to support PICMG AMC sub-specifications such as AMC.1/.2/.3, it also has a fabric expansion mezzanine interface that allows the implementation of standard or customized mezzanine modules that offer enhanced fat pipe connectivity and I/O support……. more – see datasheet.