GPS180AMC Synchronization Module

The Meinberg GPS180AMC is the perfect add-on for xTCA solutions requiring very accurate time and/or a stable reference frequency. Utilizing the PCIe connection, a CPU running Windows or Linux can access the highly accurate time of the GPS180AMC by using API calls and Meinbergs free SDK. This makes it easy to improve data aquisition or measurement applications and enhance them with precise timestamps.

If your xTCA system requires a highly stable reference frequency like 2.048MHz, the GPS180AMC can generate this (and other frequencies) and provide them via the backplane (TCLKA and TCLKC) and via an external connector.

For environments where a stable external reference is available, for example from a Cesium or Hydrogen Maser, the OCXO on the GPS180AMC can be disciplined by such an external reference frequency, either utilizing the front panel clock input connector or taking the reference frequency from the backplane. Such an external frequency reference can be used as the only sync input (no GPS antenna required) or as a fallback in case GPS reception is temporarily unavailable.

The front RJ45 connector provides an RS232 serial timestring (Time of Day) output.

This makes the GPS180AMC one of the most versatile high end clock AMCs available for xTCA systems today.