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(Serial) Boards - Carriers

he SK1-CHORD is a peripheral slot board for PICMG® CompactPCI® Serial systems and acts as carrier card for a PMC-style mezzanine module. PMC modules are are provided with a legacy PCI® interface and are widely in use for industrial and scientific applications. The SK1-CHORD supports the most common 32-bit 33/66MHz PMC modules. The SK1-CHORD is equipped with a PCI Express® to PCI® bridge for conversion of data from the CompactPCI® Serial backplane, to the on-board PCI® parallel bus. The PMC module fits on the PMC connectors J11/J12 at 10mm height. The SK1-CHORD can be installed into any peripheral slot of a CompactPCI® Serial backplane.

The SK1-CHORD requires only a single PCI Express® lane from the backplane, passed over across the connector P1 to the on-board PCIe to PCI® bridge. The local PCI® interface is 32bit wide, hence J11 and J12 are provided as PMC mezzanine connectors. PMC modules can be operated at either 66MHz or 33MHz clock rate.