OM6090D / OM7090D



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OM6090D / OM7090D




(MTCA) Chassis - Vertical Mount

Modular Platform for High-End MicroTCA Applications

The OM6090D / OM7090D is a modular system for High-End Processors and Switches beyond 1Gbit/s and positions MicroTCA at 10 Gbits/s and allows to accommodate state-of-the-art multi-core CPUs such as the Intel® Quad-Core XEON® on Kontron’s AM5030, as well as Kontron’s 10Gbit switch AM4910. The system supports the 4U MicroTCA form factor (double-width AMCs) with 80 Watts per AMC.

– Modular platform for high-end multi-core processor AMCs
– 19″ rack mountable system (6U) with front-to-back cooling for best usage of shelf space
– Supports Double-Width, Full-Size AMCs for high power envelope up to 80W
– 10 GbE fabric with enterprise-class MCH
– Fault resilience and high-availability, supports redundant configurations
– 9x Full-Size, Double-Width Slots for AMCs (max 80W) (e.g. AM5030)
– 2x Slots for MCHs, redundant configuration (e.g. AM4910)
– With AM5030 High-End Server-Class System:
36 Cores, 216GB Memory