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High-End Communications Processor AdvancedMC® Board based on multi-core Freescale QorIQ P4080 and Virtex-6 FPGA.

N.A.T. presents the market’s most powerful single-width AdvancedMC® (AMC) processor board designed around the new octal-core Freescale QorIQ P4080 and Xilinx® Virtex-6 FPGA.

The single-width AMC board, NAMC-QorIQ-P40, combines the best of two worlds: Freescale’s octal PowerPC cores (e500mc) and Xilinx®’s Virtex-6 FPGA satisfying the constantly growing demand for high bandwidth and high performance in today’s protocol processing applications.

With up to 1,5GHz frequency, the NAMC-QorIQ-P40 delivers industry leading performance for MicroTCATM and AdvancedTCA® platforms in medical, aerospace and telecommunication market. The powerful communication processor is dedicated in particular for applications like long term evolution (LTE) equipment or Voice over IP (VoIP) applications requiring combined control and data plane processing enabling high-performance Layer 2-7 processing. Due to its performance and scalability the board also suits time critical data processing applications, i.e. for imaging and control.

The on-board Xilinx® Virtex®-6 FPGA, being one of today’s most sophisticated programmable devices, offers maximum flexibility for the implementation of custom specific requirements.

Besides a large portion of the FPGA being available for customer applications, N.A.T. provides a set of IP cores supporting ITDM, RTP / IEE1588 or PTP protocols. Any system clock can be derived from the internally processed protocols and provided to the system architecture by the standard AMC clocks.

N.A.T.’s NAMC-QorIQ-P40 provides two banks of 64-bit DDR3 DRAM Memory with up to 4GB each operating at 1.3 GHz data frequency.

At the front panel this AMC offers a XAUI at SFP+, GbE and USB 2.0 interface. A further distinctive feature of this AMC is the combination of two of the different fat pipe options (ports 4-7/8-11) like PCIexpress (PCIe), Serial Rapid IO (SRIO) or XAUI. In addition, the dual GbE (ports 0+1) and dual SATA (port 2+3) lanes offers highest flexibility in user designs and applications. The NAMC-QorIQ supports the key advantages of MTCA systems as full hot-swap capability and IPMI support for monitoring and controlling the module.

The NAMC-QorIQ-P40 is the latest processor board of N.A.T.’s QorIQ based product family offering next to the single-core P1011 and the dual-core P2020 now the advanced octal-core P4080.