MicroTCA 3U MicroSlim Shelf


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Valerie Andrew

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MicroTCA 3U MicroSlim Shelf




(MTCA) Chassis - Horizontal Mount

The 3U MicroSlim chassis is the 2nd in the line of low-profile MicroTCA enclosures. The unit offers impressive performance in a horizontally-mounted 3U height. The side-to-side airflow features two powerful Cooling Units with 4 individual fans each in a pull/pull configuration. The pluggable fans offer 42 CFM of airflow each with LEDs for hotswap and fanfail. Thermal simulation confirms excellent cooling performance.
The chassis features full redundancy and pluggability. This includes the Cooling Units, MCH’s, ESD Jacks, and Power Modules. The 3U MicroSlim is powered with two 600W power modules. Other features include accommodations for a JTAG Switch Module, NEBS-grade filters, and an attractive painted finish.

– 19″ rackmount, low profile MicroTCA chassis
– Accomodates 12 AMCs (single/mid size), 4 HDD with SATA connectivity, 2 PMs (600W), 2 MCHs, 1 JSM, and 3 spare slots
– Redundant push/pull managed Cooling Units (CUs) – pluggable
– CU’s feature 42 CFM of airflow each with hotswap switch, fan fail indicator, and ergonomic handles
– Separately removable filter tray with 45 PPI NEBS grade filter
– Dual ESD jacks in front