MicroSlim 1U MicroTCA Shelf


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Valerie Andrew

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MicroSlim 1U MicroTCA Shelf




(MTCA) Chassis - Horizontal Mount

Compliant to MicroTCA.0 specification, the MicroSlim Shelf is designed to offer the performance benefits of MicroTCA within a space-saving 1U high platform. Optimizing the available space (up to 10, mid-sized, single-width modules) the MicroSlim Shelf holds 6 x AMC modules while providing MCH and J-TAG Switch Module (JSM) capability. Powered by a robust 380 watt PSU,the MicroSlim Shelf converts 48VDC efficiently to the 3.3V and 12V’s needed to power the
Cooling is a critical element in MicroTCA solutions. The MicroSlim Shelf features redundant plug-in Cooling Units (CUs) in a side-to-side airflow (push/pull) configuration. This airflow layout includes 2 sets of 4 fans providing a total of 96CFM @ .75″ H2O of cooling capacity. To ensure
proper performance, the unit has a separately removable and manageable air filter. The result is tremendous thermal performance, cooling even the densest AMC modules with a heat dissipation of 36W each. The MicroSlim Shelf’s robust 380W power module converts the 48VDC input voltage to the needed voltages of 3.3V (signal) and 12V (power).