MIC-3329 3U CompactPCI Quad-Core Intel® Atom™ Processor Blade

The Advantech MIC-3329 is based on Intel® Atom™ technology, previously codenamed Baytrail and is designed to provide balanced performance and power efficiency. The MIC-3329 is a 3U CompactPCI® processor blade designed for dual-core Intel® Atom E3827 and quad-core Intel® Atom E3845 SoC processors, and up to 4GB soldered DDR3L-1066/1333 ECC memory.
It is available in single and dual slot form factor, offering a range of I/O functionality by XTM (8HP) & Rear I/O extensions.

Front panel I/O on the single slot (4HP) provides 2 x RJ45 GbE ports (Switchable with RIO 4HP),1 x VGA port (Switchable with RIO 4HP), 1 x USB2.0 port and 1 x USB3.0 port.
Front panel I/O on the second layer (XTM) provides 2 x COM ports (RS232/422/485), 1 x PS/2 KB/MS and 1 x Audio ports.

Three types of storage device are available including an optional on board 8GB SSD flash on the 4HP version, a Cfast socket on the Rear I/O 4HP, a Cfast socket and a 2.5″ on board SATA drive on the front second layer board.

The MIC-3329 provides an ideal solution for transportation, railway and factory automation applications. Its robust design from a layout and thermals perspective allows it to meet or exceed EN50155 and EN50121-4 using a very low TDP selection of 8W/10W processors.

Its low power consumption and industrial SoC features make the MIC-3329 a perfect fit for all fanless system applications.