G213 – 3U CompactPCI® Serial XMC Carrier


MEN Mikro Elektronik GmbH


Angela Bieber

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G213 – 3U CompactPCI® Serial XMC Carrier


(cPCI) Boards - Carriers

The G213 is a universal 3U XMC or PMC carrier board for I/O with high speed requirements in a CompactPCI® Serial environment. It allows to add I/O functions to a CompactPCI® Serial or hybrid system in a flexible way.

The G213 offers instant access to the already existing high-speed XMC modules on the market as well as to the huge range of legacy PMC modules of all different speed types. It supports efficient modular system extension with I/O that reaches from typical computer functions like communication or graphics up to the whole world of industrial functions with analog and binary I/O, measurement, instrumentation, motion control, or fieldbus interfaces.

The G213 is screened for -40 to +85°C operation temperature and prepared for conformal coating in order to be used also in harsh and mobile environments. The final environmental qualification depends on the respective cards used on the carrier.